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Sunday, 10 March 2013 17:00

SPOTLIGHT: 2009 Porsche Carrera 911 S

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My favourite thing about this Porsche is how well-behaved it is - when you want it to be! 

To begin with, the car is a beauty to behold. A bold forest-green exterior is brightened by a tanned leather interior, which makes the inside of this '09 coupe exceptionally bright and roomy. The dash controls are sleek and well-formatted, and you won't hear any complaints about the 72-watt audio system, which provides ample bass and is fully customizeable to whatever genre you might be tuning into on your satellite-enabled radio system.

If cars are your dig, this one is a gold mine! The flat six engine with direct-injection provides instant, smooth power delivery, and a wonderfully fast 0-100 of well under 5 seconds. The suspension rides a little rougher than one would expect for a Porsche, but the intent here is to provide the driver with the truest sensation of being connected to the track. Sitting close to the ground, the low profile and perfect weight balance enables unmatched agility and a wicked launch system to power you out of the turns and off the line.

For the more moderated driver, every day driving is elegant and regally tamed. The interior of the car is extremely comfortable and spacious, and the rumble from the engine provides a lovely note. Rush hour traffic is a breeze, as the low idle provides a smooth and slow pull forward without being jerky.
Reining 385 horses has never been so easy - not that you're going to want to.

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