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Straight Shooters


I enjoyed the buying experience with Victoria Premium Auto basically because the process was clean and straight.  I'd already reviewed the car on their website, and seen the sales price.  There were no surprises in the sales process.  
When I arrived at their dealership Mr. Wade Donavon opened a binder containing information on all their inventory.  He flipped to the section on my chosen car, and explained to me the car's ownership history, repair history, where they'd obtained it, and the subsequent work they'd completed on it.
Then we took the car for a drive, and Mr. Donavon answered my questions about the car, and showed me some of the instrumentation.
We returned to the office and I completed the sale with their finance manager, Greg.
Both Greg and Mr. Donovan were professional and comfortable.
While I was dealing with Greg, Mr. Donovan helped me further by installing my infant car seat in the new vehicle - and that wasn't easy.
Buying my car at Victoria Premium Automobiles was an enjoyable and straight-forward process.
Thank you.

Andrew T Grogan